Our Curriculum

Overview of Curriculum


Our Reading/Language Arts Curriculum is Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Reading. This program provides exactly what we need to connect students at every level to reading success. All components integrate nicely to build and reinforce critical skills -- from lesson to lesson, unit to unit, and year to year. Award-winning literature ties directly to leveled instruction and practice. Research-based instruction connects to ongoing assessment. Spelling and grammar connects to writing. Our reading program consists of six different thematic units, cross-curricular and integrated of study. The units are as follows: Unit 1 - My World - Self-Portraits, The House, Nan Unit 2 - All Kinds of Friends - Wild Animals, The ABC Street Fair, The Chick and the Duckling Unit 3 - Time to Shine - Gardens, That Tam!,The Tan Cat Unit 4 - I Wonder - Apples, Tap the Sap, Fun in the Sun Unit 5 - Let’s Work It Out - Pet Care, Tom Is Sick, A Big Bug Unit  6- Choices - Clean Up!,The Big Box, The Vet Van Many other skills will be taught through the following activities:
  • Guided Reading
  • Leveled Reading
  • Phonics Supplements
  • Poetry
  • My Word Books
  • DEAR time
  • Read-Alouds
  • Letter Writing
  • Songs
  • Choral Readings
  • Teacher lead reading groups
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Handwriting Instruction and Practice
  • Journal Writing
  • Easy Readers
  • Literature
  • Story time
  • Listening Center (with headphones)
  • Chants
  • Buddy Reading


Each color group has a Sharing Day. Red Group is Monday (Friday if Monday is a holiday), Yellow Group is Tuesday, Green Group is Wednesday and Blue Group is Friday. A paper bag with handles (provided) will go home, which your child will then place his/her “sharing item” in. PLEASE have your child choose ONE item to share that begins with the letter we are learning that week. Next week we will begin with the letter C (I’ll send a letter schedule home next week). Sharing will begin in two weeks. Next week we’ll begin with “Me Bags”.


MacMillan McGraw-Hill and Zoophonics


The Math Program is Houghton Mifflin Harcourt-GO MATH! 

Each chapter begins with a story to introduce the concept about to be taught. The following will be learned in Kindergarten:

-       Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 0-5/Compare Number to 5

-       Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 6-9

-       Represent and Compare Numbers to 10

-       Addition & Subtraction

-       Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19

-       Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond

-       Geometry and Positions

-       Measurement and Data

-       Number sense, number sense, number sense!!

SCIENCE-   The Science Program is called MacMillan/McGraw-Hill:  California Science. We will be engaging in a variety of

integrated curriculum. The main units we will be engaged in are in three areas:

-Life Science- Plants,  Animals (insects, reptiles, birds, fish, etc.)

-Earth Science- Our Earth (water, land, resources, recycle), Weather

- Physical Science-Exploring Matter (paper, cloth, wood, metal), Investigating Water (solid, liquid)

 Additional Topics Include: Seasons, Apples, Pumpkins, Weather, Rainforest, Butterflies, Animals, and Insects

 SOCIAL STUDIES- The Social Studies Scholastics “Let’s Find Out “ magazine is a developmentally appropriate teaching supplement designed to introduce and reinforce core early-learning concepts. From reading fundamentals to social development, Let’s Find Out develops kindergarten skills using an engaging print and digital magazine format. Every issue features simple, predictable nonfiction; pencil-friendly activities; and lesson plans that will help you meet your curriculum goals as well as the Common Core Standards. Online you’ll discover even more dynamic learning tools, including videos, printable skills sheets, a "Text-to-Talk" read-aloud feature, games, and so much more. With its unique print and online magazine format, there’s just no other kindergarten resource that's as engaging and affordable as Let’s Find Out. 


September                                April
School Rules                              Plants and Seeds
Apples                                     Earth Day
Ready for School!                        Baby Animals
All About Me                             Nests

October                                    May/June
Hello, Autumn!                             Summer Safety    
Pumpkins                                   Caterpillars
Fire Safety                                Ocean
Bats                                         This Land is Your Land


Turkey Talk
A Season to Give
Go to Sleep, Bear!


Martin Luther King Jr.
Ice and Snow
Animals in Winter

Presidents' Day
Valentine’s Day
Groundhog Day
Dental Health


Spring All Around
Dr. Seuss
Farm Life/City Life
Windy Weather

RELIGION- The Religion curriculum is “I AM SPECIAL”-Jesus is Our Friend

Unit 1-     God Made Me Special

                              -       I Am Special

-       I Am Special to My Family

-       I Am Special to My Friends

-       I Am Special to God

 Unit 2- God Made the World Around Me

-       Creation: Light, Water, Plants

-       Creation: Fish, Birds, Animals, People

 Unit 3- I Am Thankful to God             

-       Thanksgiving

 Unit 4- Christmas: Happy Birthday, Jesus!! 

-       Advent: A Time for Waiting

-       Christmas: Preparing for Jesus’ Birthday

-       Christmas: Gifts for Others

-       Christmas: Jesus’ Birthday

 Unit 5- Discovering God’s Goodness             

-       I Can See and Touch

-       I Can Hear

-       I Can Smell

-       I Can Taste

 Unit 6- God Made My Friends Special, Too             

-       Jesus Is a Loving Friend

-       I Can Love (Valentine’s Day)

-       Jesus Is a Helper

-       I Can Help

-       I Can Share

 Unit 7- God’s Plan for Springtime 

-       New Life in Spring (Lent)

-       New Life from Seeds

-       Sharing Bread with Friends (Holy Week)

-       Celebrate the New Life of Jesus (Easter)

 Unit 8- God Knows My Feelings 

-       Happy-Sad Feelings

-       Sometimes I Feel Angry

-       Sometimes I Feel Afraid

 Extra Lessons-

-       All Saints’ Day

-       Prayer: Talking to God

-       Going to Church

-       Special Days for Parents

-       I Am Growing

BULLY-PROOFING- This is a school wide program for helping to make our school a safe and non-threatening place to be. We will engage in different activities throughout the year (stories, role playing, videos, class meetings) that will help to make us a bully free school. It helps to teach life-skills that fit into our faith and SPARCCLS.

Special Classes

Computer Lab, Library, P.E., Science Lab, Music, Spanish, Meditation (each class is attended once a week for 30 minutes)