K At a Glance


Please provide your child with a small snack daily. Please have the snack be healthy (no cookies, candy, soda, etc…). Pack the snack separately from your child’s lunch. One food item and one box drink is plenty.


We will take orders and collect money at the beginning of each day (non PASTA MARKET day) during our “Morning Meeting”.

Hot Lunch

Hot lunch is offered everyday except for Wednesday by The Pasta Market. You will set up an account with them and find out the details in your Tuesday Envelope. Wednesday hot lunch is run through the school and your child will need to bring money on Wednesdays he/she would like to purchase hot lunch. We collect money and take orders in the morning. For the first few months we will send home a baggie with an order slip to make it easy on you and your child. You’ll just need to mark your child’s choice for lunch and include the money as well.

Rest Time

Each Kindergartner needs to bring a standard size pillow and pillowcase to leave at school. Pillowcases will be sent home on Fridays for washing. They should be sent back to school cleaned and ready for the following Monday.

Tuesday Envelope

The oldest child in the family will bring home an envelope on Tuesdays that will be filled with important information. This is your main communication link with the school. Be sure to read everything carefully and return the envelope to school by the following FRIDAY.


Back-to-School Night is scheduled for the second week of school. This is when we will go over more detailed information about our class. Please be sure to be present that night.

8th Grade Buddies

Each Kindergarten child will have a “buddy” in the 8th grade. They will stand together at morning assembly and participate in a variety of activities throughout the year. You will enjoy watching the relationship blossom between your child and his or her special buddy. We will be meeting our 8th grade buddies this week to prepare for our Prayer Service, which will be held next week. The Kindergartners will be introduced at this Prayer Service.


We will explain in detail on Back-to-School Night.

Take-Home Folders

Every child has a yellow “Take-Home” folder. It will be yours and your child’s responsibility EVERY DAY to check the folder for any notes from the office or me. The folder will contain a “Weekly Kindergarten News” sheet. This will contain announcements, notes, reminders, homework and other assignments from me. The Take-Home Folders are the key to our communication! Students will begin to take their folders home starting next Tuesday. PLEASE BE CONSISTENT WITH CHECKING THE FOLDERS. THE FOLDERS ARE TO COME BACK TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY AND THEY WILL GO HOME EVERYDAY EXCEPT FOR FRIDAYS. ** We will explain the following in detail at Back-to-School Night: In addition, the folder contains two very important pieces of our pie. First it contains a piece of individual paper with stop lights (part of the classroom management plan). Each child strives to earn a green light each day which they then earn a sticker on the calendar (on the left side of their folder). You are to initial under EACH stop light each night so that you are aware of how your child behaved in school that day. In addition, there will be a calendar (the calendar will be new each month). The calendar is just another reinforcement tool and communication piece.

Bed Time

Bedtime for the little ones NEEDS to be 8:00 or earlier. As you know our class is a full-day kindergarten and the students get tired and restless in school if they aren’t fully rested.

Classroom Supplies

  • 1 pillow with pillowcase (please label)
  • 1 backpack-NO rolling or suitcase type please! (please label)
  • 1 lunch box (paper bags are fine) (please label)
  • 1 box of tissues
  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 1 box of UNSCENTED baby wipes (for tables and things)
  • 1 box of disinfectant wipes
  • 1 box of graham crackers, Cheezits or saltines (for those who forget to bring snack)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support. Again, we are looking forward to a wonderful year working with your child and you! …Mrs. Schwoob